Morocco Travel Guide

Morocco is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Africa, but it’s still not a well-known destination for many people.

If you’re used to visiting resorts and beaches or if you only associate Morocco with images of camels and desert, then this article will surprise you.

This guide will help get your mind ready for an unforgettable holiday by revealing some amazing facts about Morocco that are rarely mentioned in travel guides. It also contains practical tips on how to plan your trip so that everything goes smoothly while you’re there.

Morocco Travel Guide

Morocco is a country with a rich culture and ancient history. Travelers can find vibrant cities, beautiful beaches, and picturesque landscapes. Morocco has been home to many empires throughout the centuries including Roman, Byzantine, Islamic, French or Spanish.

I have collected some important travel tips for Morocco, which I would like to share with you.

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When you’re planning a trip to Morocco, it’s hard to know what the culture is like and what should be avoided or embraced.

While there are some cultural norms that will make your visit smoother and more enjoyable, there are also some things that might surprise you.

Discover Morocco

Morocco is a country with many attractions for everyone. Travelers can experience the most out of Morocco by following this travel guide to make your trip as memorable as possible. If you are planning on visiting Morocco, read on for our complete guide of how to make the most out of your trip!

Morocco has a rich culture, history, tales and people which makes it one of those places that will always be remembered.

Travelers should take their time in exploring all that Morocco has to offer by reading through this article because there are helpful tips for all types of travelers- whether they’re interested in food recommendations or accommodation options!

Travelers should also plan ahead before taking off so they know what type of visa requirements are necessary and if they require a passport with any additional visas.


Morocco has several official languages: Arabic (the national language), Berber dialects (spoken by about 30% of population) French (spoken by about 1-2% of population).

Travelers can also find speakers of English and Spanish throughout the country.

Traveling can be difficult if it is hard for people to communicate with you. Luckily, a lot of Moroccan locals know how to speak English and French as well.

Travelers should always have their phrasebook handy just in case though – knowing even a few phrases will go a long way.

Some key phrases to know:

  • Hello: Salam Aleikum (pronounced sah-LAHM a-LAY-koom)
  • Thank you: Shukran (SHOO-krahn)
  • Please: Min fadlak (meen FAD-lahk)
  • Goodbye: Ma’a salama (mah-AH sah-LAH-mah)
  • I don’t understand: La yumkin alik (lah YOOM-keen ahl-EEK)

Read more about Moroccan Arabic.

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