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Tangier is the Moroccan capital of the Strait, a large city in North Africa and the gateway to the continent. Located on the coast of the Strait of Gibraltar, it is rapidly transforming into a modern metropolis.


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Tangier is known for its strong multicultural identity, forged in the middle of the last century when it was distinguished as a great cosmopolitan city and a place of interest for many artists and other influential people. The two main reasons for this were the famous painting The Fanatics of Tangier by Eugene Delacroix and its appointment as an international city in 1925.

Eugène Delacroix - The Fanatics of Tangier

One of the first things you’ll see upon arrival by boat will be the Hotel Continental which has hosted international celebrities such as Pio Baroja and Winston Churchill. The city’s medina will highlight this property, interweaving narrow streets with wide empty spaces, such as the 9 de Abril square or the Mendoubia gardens.

If we move on to the new city, from the moment we step on its main street, the Boulevard Pasteur, we will see how the foreign influence multiplies, with palces such as the Gran Teatro Cervantes or the Hotel Minzah, built by a British aristocrat.

Gran Teatro Cervantes

The coastal area, the site of Cape Spartel or the Caves of Hercules, is also home to that little gem called Café Hafa, defined by a series of stepped terraces that look out over and embrace the sea and where Paul Bowles, Sean Connery or Jimmy Hendrix have enjoyed a cup of tea at sunset.

Café Hafa

Finally, we cannot ignore its great offer of events with an international focus such as the TANJAzz or the International Flamenco Festival.

Tangier is therefore the perfect starting point for the country. A city with a clear universal identity. The most equidistant place between Morocco and the rest of the world.

The Weather in Tangier

Tangier’s climate is characterized by mild temperatures all year round. Even in the summer, even if they rise, the wind chill is still pleasant thanks to its geographical location.

Therefore, you can travel to Tangier at any time with light clothing (jacket only for the winter months). It is then and the month before and after when there is some chance of rain (about 30%).

For more information, as well as the temperatures month by month and a forecast for the next days, you can consult the following link: Weather in Tangier.

How To Get To Tangier

Considering that Tangier is the starting point for many travellers who are interested in Morocco, we will describe how to get to this city from outside the country, focusing on the boat and the plane as means of transport.

Travelling to Tangier by Boat

The city of Tangier has two ports. The first one is Port de Tanger Ville, the oldest of the city and the favorite one for most people due to the frequency of departures (practically every hour).

Port de Tanger Ville

Another advantage is its location, next to the medina, so you will only need to take a taxi to get to the chosen hotel, or even walk if it is close enough. The taxi stand is located at the exit door of the terminal, once you have passed through customs and baggage control.

As the taxi journey will be short, the price will be quite cheap (approximately 20 to 30 dirhams).

On the other hand we have the new Tanger-Med Port built on the outskirts of the city and 45 kilometers from it. It It mostly focuses on the transport of goods, cargo and people traveling with their own car (the rates are usually cheaper).

In addition, as it is larger it can accommodate larger boats, it’s very useful when the storms in the strait do not allow the smaller boats to sail to Tangier Ville and an alternative option is required. In return, the crossings only leave and go to Algeciras.

The taxi stand is located just in front of the terminal’s departure gate, all of them being big taxis and costing approximately 150 dirhams (price for a full taxi).

Travel to Tangier by Plane

Tangier has one of the most important airports in the country, not for its size but for its location, being one of the preferred options for Low Cost companies for direct flights from Erope.

It is also a short distance from the city, approximately 15 kilometres. The price range for transfers will be between 100 dirhams and 150 dirhams (depending on where your accommodation is located).

The taxis that offer services from the airport are all grand taxis, and the prices offered are for the entire taxi, so you can either go alone or wait for someone to join you to share expenses (maximum 5 people).

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