Best Beaches in Casablanca

Casablanca is a city with an Atlantic soul and the ocean is part of its landscape. If you want to visit the best beaches in Casablanca, we have you covered. The best beaches are to the south of Casablanca. Due to the strong currents, they aren’t safe for swimming. However, in low tide there’s ample sand for long walks and playing sports.

Beaches in Casablanca

Here are the best places to stay in Casablanca.
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Anfa Beaches



Next to the mosque, a rocky beach, bordered by the modern Hassan II promenade, forms natural pools at low tide,. Very popular with young people.

Lalla Maryem

Lalla Maryem Beach

It extends from Cape Hank, with its lighthouse, to the classic Tahitian and Tropicana yacht clubs. It is the closest to downtown, surrounded by restaurants, hotels, the great Megarama cinema and other tourist services. With the rocky beaches of Dawlin , next to the tourist complex and the hotel Villa Blanca and Cabano beach , next to the Hank Lighthouse overhang.

The Corniche and Ain Diab Beach

Ain Diab Beach

The Corniche extends from Tahiti Beach, separated by the Miami Beach overhang. Ain Diab Beach is wide and reaches the marabout of Sidi Abdel Rahman, located on a reef, very popular for children, called Paloma Beach.

These beaches are dangerous, with strong waves, so swimming in the abundant saltwater pools that border it is recommended. They are an ideal place for surfers and are usually crowded, abounding in commercial activities that partially privatize these beaches in summer.

It has good services, Blue Flag, a promenade full of hotels, cafes, restaurants, discos, the Sindibab Park, etc. It is the place for entertainment for the inhabitants of the city, with wonderful sunsets and lively nightlife.

Past the morabito, there is the new shopping centre Morocco Mall and then the long Madame Choual Beach, dominated by this little palace, with the same characteristics and with a blue flag.

Beaches North of the Port

Beaches of Ain Sebaa and Sidi Bernousi

Ain Sebaa

They are beaches frequented by locals and surfers, are usually more polluted and are not suitable for bathing, although there are plans to rehabilitate them, the same applies to the beaches of Nahla, Chahdia and Saada, which are next to an industrial zone.

Gran Zenata

Gran Zenata

To the north, in the commune of Ain Harouda, there are the beaches of Bikini and Zenata, very wide, with dunes, next to areas of infra-housing, not being in good condition for tourism and bathing. This area is going to be regenerated with the project of Gran Zenata, a new residential town that will host 500,000 inhabitants.

Further north is the Paloma – Oued Hmimoune beach, which is in better conditions.

South Coast

Beaches of Dar Bouazza, 33 km

Dar Bouazza

Heading south, it is a rural commune that depends on the province of Nouaceur, Grand Casablanca, with a new promenade, gardens and sanitation. It is the fashionable beach in the outskirts of Casablanca, blue flag. Open to the ocean, it has strong waves.

From north to south there is the beach of Oued Merzeg, next to a small cape, the beach of Dar Bouazza and after the other coastal outcrop the long beach of Jack Beach.

The beach is surrounded by new developments and a 70,000 m2 water park.
It has a luxury four-star hotel near the sea. More information and reservations.

Continuing south we find the Tamaris beach, very appreciated for its tranquility, with services in summer and new urbanizations.

Sidi Rahal beach, 40 km.

Sidi Rahal beach

Sidi Rahal is the most important coastal town between Casablanca and Azzemour. It belongs to the province of Berrechid, region of the Chaouia-Ouardigha. Of recent growth, it is near the village of Had de Soualem, located on the Casa-El Jadida inland road. With a wide and sandy beach, it is a new coastal resort.

The beach continues south, Ouelja region, wild coast with dunes, no urbanized beaches until Azemmour, although there are some isolated developments, as in the cove of Bounaien, and next to a forest, the luxury residential complex Azembay.

It is worth stopping for its landscape in the marabout of Lala Aicha Baharia in the mouth of the river Oum er Rbía.

North Coast

Mohammedia Beaches

Mohammedia Beaches

It’s 20 miles north along the coast. With an irregular coastline you can choose different beaches located on the north coast, to the south is the Club Real de Golf and the Samir refinery.

The town’s beach is very wide and the most central with the best services. In the southern part is the Casino behind which there is a beautiful park with official buildings and the Catholic Church.

A little further north is the small beach of Manesman, a small cove with an islet. It is followed by the wide Monica beach in Mohamedía Este, and at the mouth of the Nefifek river, the small Sabletes beach, with all the services, blue flag, which gives way to an extensive interior forest. The whole urbanized area with summer residences.

Punta Plandin , is following the coast. There is a lighthouse and the remains of a French coastal defence battery that fired on the American invasion fleet during Operation Torch.

Past the point are the beaches of Mimosas and Oubaha with the same characteristics as the previous ones, protected by an islet.

Beaches of El Mansouria

Beaches of El Mansouria

Small coastal town located 39 km inland. Its beaches that extend 20 km, are an extension of the coast of Mohammedía, virgin scarcely urbanized, some with reefs, but safe for bathing, others are open as the Daya and are great for surfing.

They are surrounded by a magnificent forest ideal for nature tourism and hunting.

Beaches of Bouznika

Bouznika Beach

Some 50 km to the north we find Bouznika, one of the most prestigious seaside resorts on the Atlantic coast thanks to its superb beaches. Bouznika Bay is a renowned spa complex with magnificent facilities, a golf course and an intense nightlife.

Skhirat beaches (62 km)

Skhirat beach

Beach where a beautiful coastal road begins that reaches Mohamedia (41km). It is frequented by the inhabitants of Casablanca. The beaches are very popular with the national jet set, especially for the presence of the Royal Summer Palace, which attracts the royal family.

On the other hand Skhirat is also a fishing center and enjoys a very good geographical location and a microclimate recognized by these benefits. On the coast, the luxurious L’Amphitrite Palace 5* stands out.

Beaches of Temara (77 km)

Temara Beach

In the south interior you can admire an old Kasbah that belonged to the Oudaias.

It offers a series of beaches of fine sand emphasizing the beach of the Harhoura with own micro climate and its forest of the environs. To emphasizing also the beach of Sidi Al-Abed, the great Val d’Or and the small one of Val d’Or, of golden sand.

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