12 Best Things To Do in Tangier (Morocco)

Tangier is a great city to get introduced with Moroccan culture, and its airport makes it perfect to use it as a place to enter and travel the north of the country. In addition, it is simple to move around and explore. Here are the best things to do and see in Tangier.

best things to do and see in Tangier

Here are the best places to stay in Tangier.
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Medina of Tangier

Morocco is known worldwide for its medinas, a network of narrow streets that snake their way to all places and where it is very easy to get lost. Our first impression was one of excitement and curiosity, because from the first moment we felt that despite being small streets that take you from one place to another without knowing where you are, we did not feel any insecurity or danger. We dared to walk through its streets some of them full of shops with all kinds of accessories, clothes, herbs, shoes and souvenirs to buy on the trip.

Medina of Tangier

Tangier American Legation Museum

This place of great historical importance was a real discovery for us, as it surprised us. In order to reach the American Legation, you have to be very aware of the streets. Its entrance is located in a little street with arches called Rue d’Amerique. This place is currently a Museum of American Legacy in Tangier.

Tangier American Legation Museum

For history lovers we give you a very interesting fact, this legion was the first American public property outside the United States.

Avenue Mohamed VI

Avenue Mohamed VI

Our adventure in Tangier consisted in getting lost and discovering different corners that led us to know a walk that is located near the seaport known as Avenue Mohamed VI, because of the aged state of the buildings that surround it, it reminded us quite a lot to the cities of Portugal.

We must remember that the city of Tangier has been throughout history under the rule of the Portuguese, Spanish, British, etc, a fact that brings multiculturalism.

Tangier Souk

Tangier Souk

The Souk of Tangier is different from the rest of the souks of the other cities, since having suffered the influence of European countries so close, its souk is not so traditional and above all many articles are sold thinking of the tourists who visit the city.

If you want to see a small example of a traditional souk in Tangier you have to go to the back of the mosque which is located in the 9 de Abril Square, where you will find a small traditional and native souk, for us it was a gift.

Our Lady of the Assumption Cathedral, Tangier

When you are in a country with a Muslim tradition you do not expect to find a Christian church but to our surprise we found the Tangier Cathedral in one of the main streets of the medina of Tangier.

This cathedral is probably one of the few Catholic institutes inside a Muslim medina that exist in the world . Although at present it is not dedicated to worship, it is possible to go inside to learn about the current Christian and solidarity mission that is carried out as social and community services.

Tangier Port

The port of this charming city is not one of the best known in the country and being able to access it is not at all that easy, as it is a seaport where tourists do not usually come and workers are not used to it. If you approach this port, we recommend that you do not take pictures of the fishermen who work there. In spite of this, you may enter safely.

Place du 9 Avril 1947 (Grand Socco)

This square is the best known of the whole city. It’s located just at the entrance of the medina of Tangier. Around it you can see several local restaurants, shops, an old cinema that was very important in its time and a beautiful mosque.

 Place du 9 Avril 1947

People walk around this square and rest on its wooden benches watching the people coming and going.

Hotel Continental

One of the most prestigious hotels in the city of Tangier. Until a few years ago it was one of the most luxurious and expensive hotels, where the wealthy stayed to spend their holidays in the city.

 Hotel Continental

Today the Hotel Continental is still one of the traditional hotels. We did not have the opportunity to stay there, but we did have the opportunity to drink our first Moroccan tea. The hotel is decorated in such a way that it looks like a palace and has numerous rooms to eat or drink something, we decided to take our delicious tea on its terrace from where we could admire the immense sea and get excited about everything we were experiencing.

Fondouk Chejra

In Moroccan cities it is quite normal to find various Fondouks inside the medina, some of them in better condition than others. The Fondouks were large houses organized around a central and interior patio where the workshops of the artisans were located on the ground floor, the stables for the camels and the bedrooms on the upper floor.

Fondouk Chejra

From the beginning the Fondouks have been places of exchange between craftsmen and foreigners. Nowadays in the courtyard of this traditional Fondouk Chejra it is possible to see small shops where various typical articles of the country are sold.

Central Market

The Tangier Central Market is undoubtedly one of the must-see places for the traveller, as it is a real adventure. Its interior is divided into various areas among which we find, the area of vegetables, fruit, fish, meat, etc.

Tangier Central Market

For us it was a real experience to be able to walk through a real traditional Moroccan market where the colours and smells exalted the senses.


Kasbah. Tangier

One of the neighborhoods that surprised us the most was walking around the Kasbah, its streets were blue and white. Our walk was very pleasant, best of all when we got lost in and let ourselves get carried away so we could be amazed. It was worth getting lost as we were able to discover places where there were no tourists other than us, as this neighborhood is located at the top of the Tangier medina away from the tumult of people and tourists.

Jewish Quarter

Another of the neighborhoods that the traveler should know is the Jewish quarter, its most famous street is the street of the jewelers. The rest of its streets are small, colourful, timeless and silent.

Where To Stay in Tangier?

Hotel Maram

Our option in the city of Tangier was the Maram Hotel, the owner received us in a very courteous and pleasant way. The attention was great since they were always willing to solve our doubts and requests.

The Hotel is very well located inside the medina of Tangier in the main street, where there are many bars and restaurants. It is not a luxury hotel but it is very picturesque and it satisfies all the comforts that a traveler has.

Where To Eat in Tangier?

In the city of Tangier there are many places to choose, as it was our first city of the trip we decided to take two different options.

Restaurant Populaire

Our first option was to have dinner at one of the restaurants in the plaza 9 de Abril. In this square the restaurants are local and the prices are a reflection of that. The food was very good and we were full.

Mamouina Palace Restaurant

Our second option was to try one of the restaurants located on the main street of the medina. This restaurant surprised us in every way because of its elegance and its exquisite food. We recommend you to go, as far as price and quality is concerned it has been one of the best in our trip around Morocco.

The Best Place in Tangier to drink tea, orange juice and have Arabic Sweets

Hotel Continental

This hotel is where we had our first mint tea. It is a hotel that offers restaurant service and the best thing about it is that it has a perfect location to contemplate the city’s sea port.

Pastisserie Chalaf

One of the bakeries located inside the medina at one of the entrances to the medina. For us it was an explosion of sweet and exquisite flavors, here we had breakfast with a natural orange juice and some freshly baked cakes.

Popular tea shops in the medina

When you are walking in the medina we recommend you to stop and have a mint tea in one of the local tea shops.

Boulangerie Pastisserie

A bakery located in one of the streets outside the medina. In this bakery they make traditional Moroccan sweets at a very good price. It is a typical place where tourists can take a variety of assortments as a souvenir of the trip.

Let’s go!

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