Asilah 2020 : Discover The Best of Asilah

Asilah has the ability to combine several different experiences in one city: its medina is one of the most well cared for and brightest in the country, which added to the width of its streets makes it an ideal choice for anyone who wants to take a pleasant walk, away from the continuous flow of people that occurs in most other medinas.

 Why travel to Asilah

The wall that shields it and overlooks the sea, escorted by numerous bastions and which serves as a presentation of the Playa de los CaƱones, is an ideal place to stroll or, as many of its citizens do, simply look out to sea while having a conversation.

And we cannot forget its bohemian character, which has ended up turning it into a place of inspiration and escape for numerous artists. This is evident from the first contact in the diversity of mural paintings that decorate the medina and in the number of art galleries that exist.

For all these reasons, Asilah is the ideal shelter for anyone who wants to disconnect from Morocco but at the same time is looking for something different: a place where the magic of the Moroccan lifestyle is combined with a great artistic load and an enviable geographical and climate.

Practical information

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The Weather

The climate is characterized by mild temperatures all year round. Even in the summer, even if they rise, the wind chill is still pleasant thanks to its geographical location.

You can travel to Asilah at any time with light clothing (only jacket for the winter months). It is then and the month before and after when there is some chance of rain (about 30%), and it is advisable to take a small umbrella.

For more information, as well as the temperatures month by month and a forecast for the next few days, check the following link: Weather in Asilah.

How to get to Asilah

Travel to Asilah by plane

The closest airport is Tangier, located about 45 kilometers from Asilah.

Once you arrive the most comfortable way is to take a taxi, either by hiring it in advance or by doing it at the time of arrival. The average price is around 25 euros for a full taxi.

Travelling to Asilah by road

Like Chefchaouen, Asilah has two access roads, one from the north and one from the south.

From the north you can reach it from Tangier, either by national road or by motorway; both are in very good condition and can be reached in approximately 45 minutes. Similarly if you access from the south, Larache is the nearest town.

There is also the option of moving by bus, but it is not advisable because of the lack of frequency, being preferable the train as a means of economic transport.

Travel to Asilah by train

Asilah has a train station, with very good connectivity with Tangier and a cheap tickets (approximately 15 dirhams).

The train company is the ONCF. You can check the timetables and prices through the page and, although you can book online. Only Moroccan credit cards are accepted.