Where To Stay in Tetouan

Tetouan, the White Dove, is a good place to stay on your trips to Morocco because of its proximity to the ports of Ceuta (40 km) and Tangier (60 km). Here are some tips for staying in Tetouan.

Best Hotels in Tetouan

Hotels in The Medina

Situated in old palace houses, Riads have the charm of living in the heart of the city. They are small establishments, with rooms decorated in the Moroccan style and overlooking the terrace or interior courtyards. They usually have a close and familiar treatment.

The most luxurious and quality: Hotel Blanco Riad and Riad Reducto, run by Spaniards, in Chawia street, renovated manor houses, the last restaurant of quality.

They are close to the Ensanche and have quick access from the Hassan II Plaza and the shopping centre.

If you’re looking for something cheaper, the Hotel casa Riad Medina , in Genouri street, near the door of Baba Okla and the Hotel Riad Dalia, old typical manor house in the center of the medina plaza Ussaa are good options.

Some additional options:

Riad Dari, manor house in the Suika district.
Riad Khmisa, and Riad Tetuan inside the medina.
Casa Medina Sanaa.
Riad Aziman high zone of the medina el Aioum, 4 rooms.
The Rehla Hotel, a typical renovated house in Trankat street, run by Belgians.
Hotel pension Gacela, in Caid Ahmed street and Hotel Africa both next to the Royal Palace.

Hotels in the Spanish quarter of Ensanche

The hotels here have more rooms and are located in the commercial and busiest area of the city.

The best options are the Hotel Atenas, of three stars new with magnificent cafeteria restaurant, near the street Mohamed V with parking, The Hotel Panorama, in the street Mouley Abbas, more modest, the modern Hotel Al Mandari, of three stars, both with magnificent views to the mountain.

Hotel Prestige , three stars, near the ring road.

Close to the bus station, Bellavista and Tetuan apartments and the Marina hotel.

There are other pensions and hostels, such as the two-star Hotel Paris behind the church, the Hotel Sevillana, behind the Plaza Hassan II, two-star Oumaima Hotels next to the cinema avenue, other less category Almazah Regina and Victoria in Mohamed V, Pensiones Chefchauen and Principe.

Hotels Around Tetouan

Located at the road exits from the city, these are spacious, some with swimming pools and a great option if you have a car.

The Hotel La Paloma of four stars, swimming pool, and Hotel Makarin of three in the road of Tanger – Chefchauen.
The Hotel Dreams, and the Hotel Chams, recently reformed, 4 stars, both in the exit to Martil.
The more modest ones are the Hotel Yacouta, three stars, on the road to Ceuta and the Hotel Tamuda on the avenue of the FAR .
Hotel Prestige is a modern three-star hotel on the ring road near the bus station.
Hotel Marina two stars , near the bus station, new construction.
Hotel A44 , three stars , modern, on the ring road near the airport.
Riad Dar Achaach , modern hotel, in a villa situated in Ain Bouenane , area of Torreta , with magnificent views of the city.
Ferma Jebala Ecologe, rural residence in Kitane, Zarka road.
Hotel Mandy and the Maliana Stars in Mallalienne, rural area, near the beaches, exit to Ceuta.

Hotels in Rio Martil 10 km away.

The luxurious four-star Hotel Omeyas located on the seafront, and the designer hotel La Hacienda on the road to Cabo Negro, stand out.

Hotels in Rincon-Mdiq Cabo Negro 12 km.

In Rincon, the Golden Beach Club Hotel stands out on the seafront.
In Cabo Negro, Hotel La Ferma, a small rural-beach hotel, Residencia Les Jardins del Cabo and Mirador del Golf, near the golf course.

Hotels in Restinga and Marina Smir. 20 km

In the Tamuda Bay urbanizations, we highlight the four star Hotel Kabila, in the urbanization of the same name at 20 km, and the luxurious Hotel Marina Smir, five stars, Thalassotherapy. in this luxury urbanization. in Restinga the Hotel Lila Confort.

Hotels in Castillejos at 30 km

The modern, three-star Hotel La Corniche stands out, facing the sea. It is very close to the souks, the new mosque and 2 km from the beautiful beaches of the surrounding area.

Between this city and Ceuta , we highlight the Hotel Ibis Moussafir Fnideq, on a hill overlooking the sea, in the new neighborhood of Bab Septa, 1 km from the Spanish border.

Of lesser category and more popular is the central Hotel Tarik, and Hotel Dreams in front of the sea.

Hotels in Ceuta

A good alternative is to sleep in hotels in Ceuta.

They are of high quality and you can enjoy the magnificent gastronomic and cultural tourism of this Spanish city.

We emphasize in the heart of the monumental center, the Parador Hotel La Muralla, four stars and the modern Hotel Tryp Ceuta of this famous chain.
In the heart of the shopping centre, the recently renovated four-star Hotel Ulises.

More economical is the Hostal Teniente Ruiz in the heart of the centre.