Kefta Recipe

We’ll learn about one of the most popular ways of preparing meat in Morocco is today’s recipe: Kefta. Kefta is a meal with Moroccan pica meat with an extremely simple recipe.

Kefta Recipe

Kefta: ingredients for eight people

-750 grams of minced beef, lamb or a mixture of both (I usually use veal)
-1 onion
-2 cloves of garlic
-1 teaspoon black pepper
-1 teaspoon of sweet and hot paprika
-1 teaspoon cumin
-Salt and olive oil (important for juicy meat)

The preparation is extremely simple: first, we will put the minced meat in a large bowl, kneading it little by little. Then we cut the onion and garlic very fine and, together with the spices, salt and olive oil, we add them.

Then we mix everything and cover it with a film. Set aside for 3 or 4 hours, mix well again (so that it is as homogeneous as possible) and you will have your kefta ready to use in the dish you have in mind.

Moroccan Kefta

A tip: if we have enough time and let it rest from one day to another, we will get everything to integrate better and be more delicious.

Once we have the meat ready, the varied Moroccan cuisine offers us many ways to use it, being the one we will detail today kefta skewers. Only three simple steps are necessary to prepare an ideal dish for the hot summer nights!

Recipe with minced meat based on Moroccan kefta or kofta

Kefta skewers: ingredients

-Kefta Meat
-Salt and Oil

They can be done in two ways: either they are threaded on skewers or they are grilled. Personally I like the second way better and that’s how I’ll indicate, although the other way of cooking it is similar.

We start by making medium sized elongated shapes (similar to hamburgers but more stretched), putting them in a frying pan over medium-high heat. We turn and turn, cover, go down to medium heat and wait 3-4 minutes. We turn the meatballs over and cover again and wait another 3-4 minutes.

Kofta, recipe and presentation
All that remains is to present them on a plate, together with lamb’s lettuce and tomato slices and adding cumin, oil and salt. If, on the other hand, you prefer to present them as skewers, you will only have to insert these same pieces of meat on a stick and make them in the same way in the frying pan.

I hope you liked it and that you dare to cook it.

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