Where to Eat in Chefchaouen

Something that says a lot about a city is its food, so here I am going to present you some places where to find the best food in Chefchaouen.

Where to Eat in Chaouen

Let’s start talking about the Beldi Bab Ssour, this restaurant does not have the disadvantage of being oriented only to tourists. Therefore, the dishes taste even more authentic and homemade.

In addition, as it is focused on local clientele, it is very economical. Highlights include the tajin, pastries and delicious desserts, but undoubtedly the best it provides are the views from the penthouse terrace to the city and the mountains surrounding Chefchaouen.

To enjoy them it is preferable to book a table in advance because it is usually full.

Located at number 5 Rue El Kharrazin, this restaurant is a bit hidden: you will have to walk towards the main square of the medina from the main gate to find the signs announcing it.

The usual type of food is Moroccan cuisine, salads and the famous Moorish kebabs, along with tajine and cous cous. One of the star products of the local gastronomy is the fresh goat cheese with a sweet taste and a particular palate.

There are also more places to eat, as for example in the old medina abound well decorated, simple and cheap tourist restaurants with Moroccan food of acceptable quality.

It is recommended for its location those located in the square of Uta el Hamman, with a good value for money as the restaurants Sofia Dar Mounir and Jebli and nearby, with beautiful views, the restaurants Aladin and Moorish.

Also recommended are the new establishments located near the Ras el Ma fountain and the river, such as the Molin’arté, and the Assada restaurant near Bab el Ain.

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