How to Get From Marrakech Airport to The City Centre

This guide will show you all the options on how to get from Marrakech airport to the centre, so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs and start your trip in the best possible way.

How to Get From Marrakech Airport to The City Centre

Marrakech’s Menara International Airport, located about 6 kilometers from the center, is where most of the major airlines land including low cost airlines such as Ryanair, Vueling and EasyJet. And despite being close to the city, the transfer by public transport, is not as easy as you might think, so you have to choose well to have a good first contact with the city.

Based on the experience of our trip to Marrakech and Essaouira, we tell you the different ways to make the transfer from the airport to Marrakech or your hotel.

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The bus is the only means of public transport that provides transfer from Marrakech airport to the centre. The tickets are bought directly on the bus and it is almost essential to indicate to the driver the hotel where you are staying, so that he can tell you when you arrive at the nearest stop. If your destination is in the famous Jemaa el Fna square, you will already notice it as it is the stop where most people get off.

Marrakech Bus

The two bus lines that make the journey from the airport to Marrakech are

Bus 19: This bus, which operates between 6am and 9.30pm, passes by the most important places in the city such as Jemaa el Fna Square, Gueliz, several hotels, the bus station and the train station. The journey costs less than 3 euros and takes about 20 minutes to reach the first stop, Plaza Jemaa el Fna. The bus leaves from Terminal 2 of arrivals, crossing the taxi zone.

Bus 11: This local bus will take you from Marrakech airport to the city centre, stopping at Jemaa el Fna Square, for just over half a euro. The disadvantages are that you will have to walk about 10 minutes to the stop, it does not have much space for luggage and it takes much longer to cover the distance as it has several intermediate stops.

Recommendation: If your hotel is located on a narrow street in the Medina and you cannot find it, you can ask for help from a local who will accompany you to the door of your accommodation for a small tip.

This was our case when we stayed at the recommended Riad Assalam, located just 10 minutes from the Plaza Jamaa el Fna, which we could not find when we arrived the first day and we were able to locate thanks to the help of a neighbor who accompanied us.

Riads are small ancient Arab palaces with an interior courtyard that have been adapted as hotels and for us are the best option for accommodation to have a complete experience in Marrakech.

Private Tranfers

Private transport is for us the best alternative and one of the best tips to travel to Marrakech, if you want to avoid the waits in the bus, sometimes do not leave until they are full, and the haggling and anger with the taxis.

By booking this service here a driver will wait for you inside the airport with a sign with your name on it and will take you directly to your hotel in Marrakech. Please note that if you are staying in the Medina, the historical centre of the city, most streets are pedestrianised and the driver will drop you off as close as possible, showing you the way to the riad.

The price of 14 euros for a 4 seat car and 17 euros for a 7 seat car. As you can see the price is quite competitive so this is another reason to choose this type of transport to make the transfer from Marrakech airport to the centre.


The taxi experience in Marrakech starts as soon as you leave the airport arrivals gate, when several taxi drivers approach you offering a 15 minute ride at exorbitant prices. We recommend that you pass these taxi drivers and go directly to the taxi rank, where you will see a panel with the official rates, which usually do not exceed 10 euros per trip.

This official rate can serve as a reference for negotiating a fixed price, since they do not usually want to put the meter to tourists. One strategy to get a good price is to go away from the taxi rank in the direction of the main avenue, where there are more taxis and then they will lower the price.

In addition to setting the price in advance, you must bear in mind that in Marrakech there are two types of taxis: the grand taxi and the petit taxi. The first one is a little more expensive, but it is more advisable if you have luggage.
We recommend that to start the trip with good foot is preferable to pay a little more and opt for the security that offers private transport and after a first contact with the city, throw you for the taxis if necessary.

A last option would be to rent a car to make the transfer from the airport of Marrakech to the center, although by the chaotic traffic of the city and the few possibilities of parking in the Medina, it is not advisable.

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