Best Hotels in Meknes

Accommodation in Meknes is much cheaper than in other cities in the country. In general, the former capital of Morocco is a fairly inexpensive city, both to find hotels and to take home souvenirs. In this post we tell you the two best areas and hotels to stay in Meknes, is it better to stay in the Ville Nouvelle or in the Medina?

Our Top Recommendation: During our stay in Meknes we stayed at the modern Hotel Swani. It is located next to the train station, perfect if you want to be well connected. Its value for money is unbeatable, and we would certainly stay in this hotel again.

Here’s a post about 16 things to do in Meknes so you can enjoy it as it deserves.

Where To Stay In Meknes: Best Areas And Hotels

Sleeping in the Ville Nouvelle, the best option

Sleeping in the Ville Nouvelle

Normally one tends to think that staying in the Medina is always the best option. This is not a bad approach, since most of the city’s tourist attractions are concentrated in its surroundings. However, in Meknes we don’t think so. In the end it is a city that can be explored very quickly. You can dedicate one morning to the historic centre and in the afternoon we visit Volubilis and Moulay Idriss.

That means that if you move between cities with public transport, you will be interested in being close to the train station. If you want to make the most of the day, it’s logical that you have to get up early to catch the train, so if you sleep near the station it’s much better.

The Ville Nouvelle de Meknes is completely different from the Medina. It is modern, with international restaurants and much more orderly. It is also much quieter and that is valued at bedtime. So we believe that the Ville Nouvelle is the best area to stay in Meknes.

In contrast to the Medina, the Ville Nouvelle is dominated by modern hotels, while the historical area has an abundance of riads. Although it is true that in the Medina there are many more options for accommodation, the prices in the Ville Nouvelle are not bad. A good hotel should not cost you more than 50 euros. As we have mentioned, Meknes is an economical city, so we don’t think you will have problems finding accommodation.

Better hotels in the Ville Nouvelle in Meknes:

Hotel Swani
Hotel Tafilalet & Spa
Hotel Belle Vue et Spa

The Medina, a good alternative to stay in Meknes

Meknes Medina

And finally, the other area we recommend is the Medina. As we have mentioned before, it is the area where most of the attractions from the city are concentrated. You will not need any kind of transport to visit them, as they can be perfectly visited on foot.

The Medina of Meknes is considered a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. It is much smaller than those of Fez or Marrakech, and at the same time much quieter. In the Medina you will basically find riads. So if you want to have a more traditional stay, this will be your area.

Another of the main advantages of staying in the Medina is the price. Sleeping in a riad will be much cheaper than sleeping in one of the hotels in the Ville Nouvelle. So that you have a reference of the price, you can find good riads for about 20 euros. If you are looking for a hotel in the new part, it will probably cost you more than double. Although we would stay in the Ville Nouvelle, the Medina is another good area to stay in Meknes.

Recommended accommodation in the Medina of Meknes:

Riad Benchekroun
La Maison D’à Côté
Riad Hiba