Asilah International Cultural Festival

Once a year, Asilah hosts a festival that brings together intellectuals, artists from all over the world, academic researchers, journalists, and politicians. It is usually held in August but may vary depending on the month of Ramadan.

Asilah International Cultural Festival

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The festival was created in 1978 by Mohamed Benaïssa, former Moroccan Minister of Culture and Foreign Affairs and Mayor of Asilah, and by the Moroccan painter Mohamed Melehi.

Asilah is an important cultural center in the north of Morocco and can be seen when walking through its medina, where workshops and art galleries follow one another. In addition, many artists and intellectuals, from inside and outside the country, have chosen the city as their residence and this cultural atmosphere is perceived in its streets.

The Asilah festival is held annually

During the festival, the medina becomes an open-air art gallery and painters from all over the world make their murals which are exhibited all year round. The walls are whitewashed again before the next festival.

In parallel, there are concerts by international musicians, conferences, colloquiums, theatre, art workshops (sculptures, engravings, painting for children), among other cultural activities. It is also common to organize exchange spaces between Moroccan and foreign artists, as well as international meetings and exhibitions at the Hasan II Centre.

All these artistic manifestations, especially the graffiti that uses the medinas as if they were canvases, make this city the focus of attention of the country every year for a few days, which together with its splendid beaches make it one of the most iconic places of the Moroccan summer.

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