Menara Gardens – Must-see Spots, Insider Tips And Reasons To Visit

The Menara Gardens are one of the most beautiful gardens in Marrakech, Morocco. The garden is filled with different varieties of plants, flowers and trees, as well as ponds and waterfalls-all set against the backdrop of the Atlas Mountains.

The garden was completed in 1894 by Mulai Ismail Ibn Sharif for his wife Princess Lalla Khadija. It has been open to visitors since 1924. With over 500 species of plants from around the world, it’s a must see spot for anyone visiting Marrakech!

There are also many great reasons to visit this historic site: it’s free to enter; there are stunning views that you won’t find anywhere else in Marrakech; you can enjoy delicious Moroccan treats at reasonable prices; and if you’re a history buff, the Menara Gardens are full of stories that give you insight into both Moroccan culture and politics.

1. Free to enter

The Menara Gardens are free to enter, which makes them a great budget-friendly attraction in Marrakech. The gardens are huge, so you can easily spend a few hours exploring all the different areas.

There’s also a lot of history and culture to soak up here, so it’s a great spot for tourists and history lovers alike.

Be sure to stop by for a visit on your next trip to Marrakech!

2. Stunning views that you won’t find anywhere else in Marrakech

Visiting Menara Gardens offers stunning views of the Atlas Mountains, so you can enjoy this expansive view all to yourself!

There isn’t another place in Marrakech where you’ll find something like this, so it’s definitely worth a visit.

The best time to come is in the evening when the sun is setting and the sky is ablaze with colours.

3. Enjoy delicious Moroccan treats at reasonable prices

You can also enjoy food made from locally sourced ingredients at Menara Gardens-perfect for anyone who wants to try local flavor.

After exploring the gardens, you can sit down and relax with some Moroccan tea or chocolate and baklava. There are also plenty of restaurants in the area, so you can find something to your taste.

Prices are very reasonable, making it a great option for budget-minded travelers.

4. Full of stories that give you insight into Moroccan culture and politics

The Menara Gardens are not just a place to relax and take in the natural beauty of the surroundings. They are also rich with history and culture.

Walking through the gardens, you’ll come across stories and fountains that give you an insider’s view into Moroccan culture and politics.

You’ll also find pavilions, gazebos and tea rooms where you can stop for a cup of tea and some delicious Moroccan pastries.

5. Great place for a picnic with friends or family on the weekends

The Menara Gardens are a great place to take friends or family on the weekends for an outing. Not only is the admission free, but there are also plenty of restaurants in the area where you can enjoy delicious food made with fresh ingredients.

There is also entertainment and storytelling to keep visitors busy. If you want to enjoy spending time with your family in a beautiful setting, it’s perfect!

The Menara Gardens are a must-visit attraction in Marrakech. If you’re looking for budget friendly attractions, this is it! The gardens offer stunning views of the Atlas Mountains and plenty of history to soak up.

It’s also free to enter so there really isn’t any excuse not to visit.

And if you want even more reasons why Menara Gardens should be on your list during your next trip to Marrakech, check out our blog post about all the other great things visitors can enjoy here!