Best Beaches in Asilah

The beaches in Asilah are one of the biggest attractions during the summer and a good complement after visiting the main monuments of the city. Numerous beaches along the coast, many of them almost virgin, offer us the possibility of sunbathing, bathing in its warm waters, taking walks almost alone and enjoying the spectacular sunsets.

Asilah is a good tourist destination at any time of the year. It is a quiet corner in its mild winters and in summer it is a lively city with an important culture and miles of good beaches. In addition it has a great situation to use it as base from which to realize excursions to know the north of the country: Tetouan, Tangier, Chefchaouen, Larache and Fez.

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The Beaches of Asilah

Asilah, “The Pearl of the Atlantic”, located about 50 km from Tangier, offers a harmonious superposition of architectural styles. In the shelter of its Portuguese walls, traditional Moroccan houses alternate with flowery courtyards and houses of European influence with large balconies overlooking the ocean or its labyrinthine streets.

To the north, practically until the Espartel cape, there are about 40 km of wide beaches, open to the Atlantic and with white sand, with an environment practically without building. Briech Beach is worth mentioning, located about 5 minutes by car from Asilah. It is an immense beach, with fine sand and a beautiful view of the hills.

Briech Beach

Playa Tahaddart (or Playa de las Barcas), is about 10 minutes away. Like all beaches, in high season you can rent deckchairs and parasols and there are beach bars where you can eat fresh grilled fish and traditional Moroccan dishes. You can also rent boats or take a camel ride. The beach is very safe, the water is warmer, there are few waves and it has less salt, being ideal for families with children.

We cannot forget the beach of Asilah itself; next to the walls of the Medina is the cove called Playa de los CaƱones and to the north, passing the port, extends the long beach of the city, about 5 km, which can be reached on foot. In July and August, the part closest to the city is quite crowded, but when you go away a little it is much quieter. Camel rides are available in spring and summer.

To the south, the coast has a more capricious relief, with a succession of cliffs and coves. The most popular, both during the day and at night, is the Playa de las Cuevas, which you can reach by taxi on the road to Rabat, taking a walk of about an hour along the coast or, more picturesque, especially if you are going with children, in a donkey cart. It is a wide beach with areas of cliffs and caves, which protect it from the winds. Here you can enjoy the waves, the sun, outdoor sports or the beach bars that are set up in the high season and, when the tide is low, you can access the caves.

Playa de las Cuevas

The beach of Sidi Mugait, about 10 km from Asilah, has an impressive landscape. It is wide, sandy and probably the quietest in the area.